Potentially lethal spas for sale


Potentially deadly potty skimmers on the spas

Dangerous and potentially deadly spas are being sold in Australia with old-style potty skimmers.

The spas are being sold by Euromax Spas, Euromax Imports, www.euromaxspas.com.au, www.euromaxdirect.com.au, Urban Boutique Pty Ltd and its directors Gerasimos and Nicholas Lord.

Fair Trading NSW is warning the public not to deal with the above entities and if they have bought a spa from any of them to immediately cease using it until they have determined it is safe and to contact NSW Fair Trading as soon as possible on 13 32 20.

Gerasimos Lord and Nicholas Lord are directors of Urban Boutique Pty Ltd, an online retail store that sells indoor and outdoor spas, saunas and outdoor furniture under the business names Euromax Spas and Euromax Imports, using the above websites.

The company trades from 95 Griffiths Avenue, Bankstown and 7/14 Davis Street, Wetherill Park.

A potty skimmer is a pool or spa outlet at water level used as a suction point for the water reticulation system and that resembles a child’s chamber pot or other toilet device and has no protective device fixed to the skimmer box outlet.

There have been numerous incidents in Australia and overseas involving uncovered potty skimmers that have resulted in disembowelment, serious injury and death.

Spas with the model numbers BG 8520 and BG 8832 that have these potentially lethal potty skimmers but there may be other dangerous models as well.

Fair Trading has asked Ebay to ban the company from selling spas on www.ebay.com.au and www.gumtree.com.au.

Urban Boutique Pty Ltd has also been investigated for failing to supply goods to consumers who have paid large deposits.



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