3 reasons to attend a pool & spa trade show

May 25, 2022

The SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show is the largest of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere! Every year, over two thousand visitors from over twenty-seven countries gather under one roof to enjoy two days of conference, training, and networking. With nearly two hundred exhibitors, there’s never a shortage of things to see, do, and discover. Best of all, the Pool & Spa Trade Show plays host to site tours, a golf day, a women’s breakfast, and even an afterparty! All of this makes it an excellent opportunity to rub elbows with the pool and spa elite.

Read on for a deeper dive into the three biggest reasons to check out the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show this year.

1. Education – learn something new every day!

The SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show features two full days of seminars designed to educate and enlighten viewers on every aspect of the pool and spa industry. This year, you can expect to see talks from managers, CEOs, and even an Olympic gold medallist! Brooke Hanson, who was part of the first-place medley relay team in 2004, will begin proceedings with a series of two motivational speeches over breakfast, about finding balance, purpose, love, and leadership. Later exhibitions will get more into the nitty-gritty of working in the pool and spa business space, with topics such as chlorination, energy efficiency, and pool barrier standards being covered.

Day two begins with a back of house tour of Seaworld, offering a different perspective than most participants might be used to on pool temperature and maintenance – requirements might differ from sharks to humans! After that, the program dives right in (pardon the pun) to a series of exhibitions about risk minimisation, leadership, audience expansion, and marketing. For those of you that are here for more technical know-how, there are also sessions regarding hydraulics and integrated energy systems.

This only scrapes the surface of what’s on offer at this year’s SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. No matter what part of the business you’re involved with, there’s something for you to learn. Check out the full program and get excited!

2. Entertainment – relax and unwind!

Pools and spas might be relaxing, but the business side of things isn’t always that way. Take a little time to unwind at this trade show with a golf day and an after-party! A midday session on the RACV Royal Pines Resort course is the perfect chance to ease into a week of industry events and gives you a great opportunity to meet and greet your fellow participants. If you want to mix a little bit of business with pleasure, bring some clients along to get to know them, win some prizes, and cement your reputation as the best golfer in the world of pools and spas! For more details, see here.

Once the week comes to a close, the SPLASH! After-Party will kick-off, and this cocktail party is ideal for enjoying the company of your fellow industry professionals, blowing off some steam, and having a good old-fashioned boogie. Accompanied by the soulful tunes of The Baker Boys, you’re sure to have a wonderful time enjoying some canapes and cocktails while you dance the night away. Find all the information right here.

3. Engagement – get to know your colleagues and expand your network!

Events are one thing, but the crux of the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show is the nearly two-hundred exhibitors that come out in droves to share their wares and expertise. With more vendors than you can poke a stick at, this is your opportunity to connect with new clients, suppliers, and industry professionals.

Whether you’re interested in running a stall of your own or just want to take a look at everything on offer, the SPLASH! expo is the place to be for anyone involved in the pool and spa industry. You might be an old hand – a SPLASH! veteran – or a newcomer. No matter the case, you’re sure to benefit from getting seen at this expo. It’s a place to cement your reputation in the eyes of your competitors, co-workers, and colleagues. Learn something new, find some new business, or spark up a partnership. Register your interest here!

SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show

Sound good to you? The 2022 SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show runs from Wednesday the 22nd of June to Thursday the 23rd at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you or your business are interested in attending this year’s convention, do not hesitate to register via the SPLASH! website. Just click the link here to get started. With more education, entertainment, and engagement with the pool and spa industry than you’ll get anywhere else, we are sure that this year’s SPLASH! will be an event you’ll never forget. Join in, and discover the difference that being part of the pool and spa community can make. Don’t miss out!



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