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Aristo Glass pool fence latch recalled

May 4, 2022

Aristo Glass Products Pty Ltd’s glass pool fence latch has been recalled.

PRA number: 2022/19419

Published date: 12 Apr 2022

Product description: Polymer plastic glass gate latch part with ‘A’ logo and guide tabs

SLP2011 – 180° Glass to Glass Latch

SLP2012 – Glass to Wall Latch

SLP2013 – 90° Outswing Glass to Glass Latch

SLP2014 – 90° Inswing Glass to Glass Latch

SLP2015 – Glass to Round Post Latch

SLP2007 – 135° Glass to Glass Latch


What are the defects?

The gate latch guide tabs may break, stopping the engagement pin from retracting and connecting securely with the magnetic keeper. This will result in the gate not closing properly.


What are the hazards?

If the gate latch is not closed correctly and the gate remains unlatched, it may not prevent unsupervised access to the pool or spa area posing a risk of drowning.


What should consumers do?

Consumers should ensure the gate is secured until a replacement latch has been installed.

Consumers should contact Aristo Glass Products Pty Ltd on 08 9418 8914 or email for a replacement latch.

Supplier: Aristo Glass Products Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product: Glass fencing retailers and installers

Dates available for sale: 1 Aug 2021 – 3 Mar 2022


CAPTION: Polymer plastic glass gate latch part with ‘A’ logo and guide tabs


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