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Audit of NSW pool certifiers to commence in January

December 18, 2019

NSW Fair Trading has announced that its audit program of E1 pool certifiers will commence in January 2020 with a target completion date being end of March 2020.

This follows the fining of two certifiers over the past few months, one in October and one in November.

Previous complaint data and disciplinary outcomes will make up part of the audit.

The E1 audit program will focus on:
• Issuing of certificates of compliance for pools to ensure compliance with the Swimming Pools Act;
• Reviewing details (including copies) of certificates of compliance;
• Reviewing of evidence on how the certifier determined the year an inspected pool was built;
• Ensuring notices include the appropriate information;
• Adequacy of record keeping by the certifier;
• Code of conduct. For example, has certifier been involved in the design of the pool?

SPASA Australia has recommended that E1 certifiers undertake their own internal review to ensure compliance with all relevant requirements before the E1 audit program commences. Areas found to be non-compliant during the internal review should be addressed and the new process recorded and implemented.

Questions relating to unclear legislative requirements or E1 certifier obligations should be raised earlier with the Building Professional Board (BPB) or SPASA Australia to ensure you can demonstrate an ongoing continual improvement process.



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