Aussies relax into the Balinese spa lifestyle

June 29, 2011
The Lembah Spa balanced on the hill overlooking the spectacular Petanu River Gorge

Bali – once you get out of the Kuta strip – is rightly known as one the most idyllic holiday destinations in the world.

Australian Anthony Syrowatka has the good fortune of not just spending a week or two there, but living and working right in the middle of green rice paddies, smiling locals and relaxed tourists.

He runs the Australian owned, built and managed Viceroy Bali with his parents. The resort is designed around high class villa-style accommodations with stunning rural vistas of the Petanu River valley, all the while ensuring a high degree of luxurious seclusion.

Unlike some upscale Ubud hotels, the Viceroy prides itself on an intimate and friendly ambience, and it’s their philosophy to work closely with the local Balinese people, to respect all of their traditions, and to ensure that wherever possible, the local village people are employed to give all guests that unique Balinese experience.

Of course, the most important part of any luxury holiday is the pool. And the Viceroy doesn’t disappoint. Not only is there a beautiful main pool and a spa, but each of the 25 villas has its own private pool.

The pools were designed by the family in conjunction with a local architect, were built using steel-reinforced concrete by the family in combination with the local work force. They feature traditional Balinesse green stone lining, use saltwater chlorination with sand filters, and acid for pH balancing.

The resort also features the Lembah Spa balanced on the hill overlooking the spectacular Petanu River Gorge with its unrivalled views. The spa offers treatments developed by Swiss professionals to combine the best of the West, with Balinese natural treatments. In addition to a variety of massage and body treatments, the spa also offers a steam room and a sixty-eight jet therapeutic American Jacuzzi.

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