Australian father and son die in pool pump electrocution

August 23, 2017

Andrew Fenwick, a retired Australian engineer who worked extensively in the UK before retiring with his wife and children to Thailand, has died together with his 10 year old son Jason in a tragic accident after trying to repair a pool pump in their home.

Police found the bodies of the father and son in the pool equipment room at their housing estate home in the Muang district of Rayong province. The 66-year-old Fenwick was still clutching a spanner in his right hand. His son had burns on his body and face, as well as on his left hand which still gripped an iron gate.

Police told Thai PBS English that Fenwick was killed by electric shock, and that Jason was killed when he was also shocked by the current leak on the wet floor as he ran to help his father.

A security guard was riding past the home when he saw Fenwick’s younger son, four-year-old Justin, running from the house. When he asked what was wrong the boy told him his father was dead. The guard then immediately alerted the police.

The bodies have been sent for forensic analysis to determine the exact cause of death.

Aussie father and son electrocuted to death in Rayong


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