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Australian training exported to Malaysia

May 3, 2014
One of the swimming pool and spa training seminars held in Malaysia

The Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance has conducted a successful two-day training program in Malaysia. The tailor-made training program was delivered to 67 pool and spa professionals in Kuala Lumpur in April.

It was developed at the request of the Malaysian Swimming Pool Association (MSPA) and covered Pool and Spa Service and Repairs, Design and Construction and Commercial Pools and Spas.

The tailored training program was delivered by Manfred Wiesemes who has been a prominent pool builder and expert consultant in Australia for several decades. Manfred is a past president of SPASA and continues to represent the industry as a current director.

The two day event was sponsored by Waterco Limited, Fluidra (AstralPool’s parent company) and Aqua Enchant.

The Malaysian Swimming Pool Association (MSPA) was founded two years ago with several local long-standing industry professionals aiming to better present the industry to consumers, architects, main contractors and government authorities.

“The lively growth of membership and the enthusiastic response from the local swimming pool and spa industry, as well as related professional bodies in Malaysia, has encouraged us to push forward with our goals of increasing our members’ skills and professionalism,” says MSPA President, Chew Soo Ngee, one of the founders.

“With this is mind, MSPA was confident in committing to the first of two SPASA Training Programs for the swimming pool industry with the view of lifting the benchmark in southeast Asia,” says Soo Ngee.

“MSPA is one of the first specific swimming pool and spa industry associations in Asia. Malaysia is a progressive, forward thinking country, with a sound economy and a climate conducive to an outdoor lifestyle, resulting in a strong demand for domestic pools and inclusion of innovative commercial pools in hotels, condominiums and resorts. There is potential for further significant growth in these areas”.

Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance president Robert Guthrie says the visit also provided both organisations with an opportunity to discuss and explore synergies .

“Our relationship with MSPA in South East Asia (our closest neighbours) seeks to provide greater exposure for the swimming pool industry in Australia such as improving exporting prospects, information sharing, key contacts, stronger industry influence, promotion of each other’s initiatives as well as reciprocal education and training opportunities,” he says.


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