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The best place to place the pool

February 8, 2015

PoolSitingOFTBthumbAs part of a recent article in our printed magazine, SPLASH! has compiled a list of useful considerations when deciding where to place the swimming pool in a suburban backyard.

• Be aware of council and other authority regulations and requirements from the outset.
• Consider physical aspects such as sun and shade requirements and prevailing winds.
• Consider noise from neighbours, nearby roads, schools or playgrounds.
• Make the most of potential views from the pool.
• The owners are likely to spend more time looking at the pool than actually swimming in it, so think carefully about the view of the pool.
• Easements and covenants may affect the location of a pool.
• Avoid planning to build over underground services such as sewer, stormwater, electric, gas and water supply.
• Although adults should always be in the pool enclosure when supervising children swimming, having a view of the pool from key points in the house (such as the kitchen and entertainment areas) may be additionally helpful to see if children are trying to gain access to the pool.
• Avoid siting pools near large trees as lateral roots can place pressure on the pool and damage pipe work over the years.
• For blocks with steep slopes, restrictive access to a level garden and entertaining areas can be improved by incorporating a pool at house level (or slightly lower) and in direct relationship with informal living areas.
• On a small to medium-sized property, consider siting the pool closer to the boundary in order to maximise garden and lawn areas between the house and pool. This also gives the impression of the property being larger than it is.
• Determine the soil conditions that may be encountered during excavation. This will not only influence the costs of excavation and backfill but will also likely determine whether or not such costs will be included in the contract as part of the contract sum or as a Provisional Sum item. In some areas and locations a geophysical survey may be necessary.

This extract is from the article Position, position, position by Veda Dante, published in Issue 97 of SPLASH!.



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