Big crowd at Sydney Pool & Spa Expo defies turbulent summer

March 11, 2020

Held following the summer of widespread bushfires and floods, and during the peak of coronavirus publicity, it would be easy to expect a small turnout for the Sydney Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo at Rosehill Gardens.

However, the exhibitors were ecstatic at the number of enthusiastic families coming through the door and the quality of leads, with many saying it was the best crowd they’d seen in years. The numbers were excellent across both days of the sunny weekend and the atmosphere was highly positive.

There was a large number of families at the Sydney show

SPASA CEO Lindsay McGrath says that it was a fantastic show.

“The industry was concerned that with all of the difficulties this summer – fire, flood, coronavirus – that the consumers might not come,” he says.

“So it was amazing to see the show having such an impact. And to have so many exhibitors come up and tell us that this has been a great show, that it looks fabulous and they love what we’ve done with the outside was very rewarding.”

Revitalised format

This year the show had a different format – the seminar space was replaced with more stands and the outdoor area was expanded with popular exhibitions, including many swimming pools.

“We continue to sell out the space at the show,” says McGrath. “So this year we had the opportunity to extend the outdoor area and we also replaced the seminar area with some more stands. It offers more choice – and the reason for the show is to provide a plethora of choice to the consumers.”

In place of the seminar area, the SPASA stand became an Ask the Expert stand, and the change was very well received.

“We had lots of staff on hand to answer questions, making sure the visitors were comfortable that they’re dealing with a SPASA member and they’re dealing with a professional. It gave us an opportunity to have lots of one-on-one conversations and make sure the customers come and leave happy.”

The revitalised outdoor area was very popular on the sunny weekend

McGrath says the numbers were fantastic.

“We actually ran out of magazines on the first day and out of bags on the second. There’s always a mix of visitors but there’s definitely been more families this year. We’ve had so many strollers – lots of double strollers too!

“So many consumers came to the SPASA stand saying they were happy with what they’ve got, and that they’ve found everything all in one place. It was all just very rewarding and positive. We couldn’t be happier, the show has been exceptional.”

As well as the constantly busy Ask an Expert stand, the Interactive Landscape Design Feature, presented in association with the Australian Institute of Landscape Design Managers, also attracted excellent traffic.

The next SPASA Australia Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo will take place at the Adelaide Showground on March 28-29, 2020.


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