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Chloe McCardel breaks English Channel record, immediately swims it again!

October 26, 2016
Chloe McCardel breaks Des Renford's Channel record
Chloe McCardel breaks Des Renford’s Channel record

Australian marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel has broken Des Renford’s record for most crossings of the English Channel by an Australian, having completed her 20th crossing.

Undaunted by achieving the milestone, she immediately took to the water again to take on the Channel for the 21st time.

Conditions were better for the 21st crossing than the previous swim, where it was very choppy.

“There were one to two metre waves and the boat was rocking like there’s no tomorrow!” says McCardel.

If she completes her 21st crossing, it will be the first time anyone has crossed the Channel solo eight times in one year.

You can follow her progress and show your support for an Australian champion on her Facebook page.

She has received considerable coverage on Network Seven, SBS and also the Age newspaper.

McCardel is sponsored by two swimming pool and spa industry companies, Lo-Chlor Chemicals and TPEC pool enclosures. Visitors to SPLASH! on the Gold Coast would have seen her at the trade show and hosting the SPASA Australia Awards.



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