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Compass acknowledges trailblazers

July 3, 2019

Compass Pools Australia recently held their awards inside the Wigram Airforce Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand with a 1940s, World War II theme dinner and show.

As part of the awards a special Trailblazer Award was given to four women: Kerri Mewett (Director of Compass Pools), Diane Bostock (Bostock Pools), Lyn Martin (Compass Pools Melbourne) and Jackie Fagan (Compass Pools Sydney).

The women were recognised for their outstanding contribution throughout their careers to the pool and spa industry.

Main caption: Diane Bostock of Bostock Pools (left), Lyn Martin of Compass Pools Melbourne (middle) and Jackie Fagan of Compass Pools Sydney (right)

The Compass dinner was held inside the Wigram Airforce Museum in Christchurch








Diana Johnson (McGrath Foundation), Kellie Harrower (Compass Pools), Tracy Bevan (McGrath Foundation), and Anthony Cross (Compass Pools)



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