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July 15, 2020

This mid-winter issue of SPLASH! looks at pool heating, with Veda Dante checking out the latest developments and how they can ensure pool owners get the most from their investment by enjoying more swimming days and paying less on their bills.

And with public pools starting to open back up again, we look at what restrictions and requirements the different states have. This article is chock-a-block with links so you can get the most up-to-date information, as these requirements are changing constantly.

We journey back in time thanks to an extract from Therese Spruhan’s The Memory Pool, in which former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett fondly remembers his childhood swimming pool, and the friends it brought with it. This is timely to remember why families love pools – now more than ever!

Cal Stanley looks at some of the issues with building a spa as part of a pool, and offers some suggestions to help get it right, so the client can fully enjoy both pool and spa, and we also look at the critical issue of equipotential bonding requirements.

There is helpful sales advice from Darren Fleming, who pulls no punches in telling his audience that in sales, be sure not to act like a dick. We also have advice on renovating swimming pools from Kieran Devlin.

We also look at an intriguing hotel in Italy that places the spa pool front and centre – literally – and a new waterpark and animal reserve in Victoria.

And of course there is plenty of news and also the latest new products for you to delve into.

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