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Edition 94 of SPLASH! out now

June 28, 2014

Edition94thumbThe digital version of the bumper 108-page June/July 2014 Edition of SPLASH! is out now.

This issue includes important news stories and interesting features including:

Explaining the full cost of a pool
Cal Stanley discusses industry contracts and argues they should have more comprehensive inclusions for the sake of the client.

Winterising your pool shop business
Paul Simons offers advice to pool shops on how to keep cash flowing during the cooler months to the ultimate benefit of the pool owner.

Finer filtration for healthier swimming
We look at the latest ideas in filtration for residential swimming pools as well as aquatic centres and explain the concepts behind the innovations.

Mini boom in high-end strata pools
Developers of the current crop of high end strata hi-rises are seeking to attract buyers by adding jaw-dropping swimming pools to their plans.

Accuracy in the social media labyrinth
The ACCC provides answers to common questions about obligations when promoting your business on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now you see it, now you don’t
This intriguing concept enables you to have an indoor swimming pool one minute, and a dance floor or lounge room the next.

Alliance Awards of Excellence
All the winners from the Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance.

South Australian Awards of Excellence
All the winners from the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of South Australia.

Convenient energy saving with covers and enclosures
Swimming pool covers are very effective at saving heat, energy and water, but the way in which they’re stored is also very important for their ongoing utility.

Fremantle heats pool from the ground up
For the first time outside Europe, a subterranean aquifer is being combined with a geothermal heat pump and a cogeneration system to heat aquatic centre pool water.

This issue also includes many great new products and launch previews for the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show. 

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