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Extending the swimming season in a time of social distancing

May 6, 2020

Zane Solar has been experiencing a spike in enquiries, and Zane’s solar and heating manager Adam Shelley believes that is because of the benefit solar pool heating provides for homebound families during the current crisis.

Shelley says that a solar-heated pool can often double, or even triple, the average swimming season – increasing it from two to three months to eight or nine months. This is important considering the large number of people who are restricted to their homes just as the weather starts to cool.

After weeks of social distancing, self-isolating and home schooling, many parents are wondering how they’re going to keep their children entertained in the coming months if fulltime face-to-face learning doesn’t resume. And the concern over too much screen time is only adding to the anxiety.

If children have cabin fever because they’re unable to play sports, or the family had to cancel holidays due to coronavirus quarantining, then a staycation can be the next best thing – especially if they have a heated swimming pool.

“Summer in the pool is where memories are made but as the months become cooler so too does the water,” says Shelley.

“Instead of leaving it to languish till the weather warms up, installing a heating system means you and the kids will be able to continue using your pool year-round.”

One of the great benefits of swimming is that it gives your body an all over workout regardless of your age or fitness ability. From simple laps swum daily to more vigorous aqua aerobics and resistance training, your swimming pool can be a valuable tool to help you stay in shape, both mentally and physically.

Even basic water-based exercises in a reduced gravity environment are good for the mind and body – and you don’t need a big pool to reap the results.


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