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First Climate Care Certified pool launched

February 26, 2020

SPASA’s water and energy efficiency label, Climate Care Certified, has reached a milestone with the launch of the first Climate Care Certified swimming pool.

Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools has achieved certified status with the introduction of their new plunge pool. This is the first swimming pool in Australia to be Climate Care Certified after satisfying the programs stringent requirements.

The new Climate Care Certified Plunge Pool is a completely environment-friendly package, providing consumers with the ability to purchase a pool with confidence knowing that their pool delivers verifiable water and energy savings that have been certified by the peak industry body.

SPASA CEO Lindsay McGrath says this industry first reflects the philosophy of SPASA Australia to provide sustainable solutions so consumers can love their swimming pool and the environment at the same time.

Geoff Smith, director of Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools says it is the company’s vision to actively engage their customers, staff and the community in achieving a sustainable environment which fosters and inspires best practice.

“We have embraced the importance of preparing and empowering consumers to become responsible for contributing to a sustainable future with our Climate Care Certified Plunge Pools,” he says.

“Our customers have welcomed the opportunity to future proof their pool by upgrading to our environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, water-saving Climate Care Package. Customers are prepared to make the investment to minimise their environmental footprint while not having to compromise on lifestyle.”


To meet the Climate Care Certified criteria, these pools use a range of already Climate Care Certified products including:

• Daisy’s Ultradome Pool Cover;
• Waterco’s Hydrostorm 100 ECO-V variable speed pump;
• Waterco’s MultiCyclone filter technology.

Other inclusions used to satisfy the necessary criteria include a cartridge filter, robotic pool cleaner and LED pool light.

It is estimated that the Climate Care Certified Plunge Pool will save thousands of litres of water every year while at the same time reducing energy consumption, saving hundreds of dollars per annum.

The need for climate care

Spiros Dassakis, COO of SPASA Australia, says the Climate Care Certified program was borne out of the fact that sustainable swimming pools and spas and related products enjoy a distinct market advantage. Yet there were member and consumer concerns that it was not possible to rely on marketing claims without some form of certification.

He says that governments, consumers, manufacturers, retailers and technicians are all behind it.

“With greater power demand and increasing cost of supply along with concerns of water sustainability, governments and their agencies are influencing or regulating for more sustainable water and energy usage. The Climate Care Certified program puts industry ahead of government intervention, potentially resulting in collaboration, initiatives and recognition,” he says.

“Consumers, now more than ever, are seeking assurance that the products they buy are sustainable and responsibly made. A more sustainable brand is often a more desirable brand.”

Dassakis says many retailers and technicians know that sustainability sells, and that builders, retailers and technicians are now gaining a better understanding how to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants in the environmental space.

On top of that, he says that sustainability fuels innovation and helps generate new markets.

“Sustainability is a recent phenomenon and has allowed many industries to reinvent themselves and their products with new consumer benefits, and new products make companies and consumers feel socially and morally responsible.”

He says that SPASA’s vision through its Climate Care Certified program is to promote an efficient and sustainably growing industry that continues to appeal to people who are considering purchasing residential and commercial swimming pool and spa products.

Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh says third-party certification authenticates a product’s green credentials while providing confidence to eco-conscious consumers.

“This program shows that you can experience the lifestyle benefits pool and spa ownership brings and do so without compromising the environment,” he says.

In further news, a second pool has now been certified by Ecozen Pools and Landscapes.

Caption: A Climate Care Certified Plunge Pool in inner Brisbane
Photography by Painted Rust



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