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First Graphene announces supply contract with Aquatic Leisure Technologies

July 12, 2020

Graphene will be incorporated into fibreglass pool shells manufactured by Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT), following a two-year exclusive sales agreement with First Graphene to supply PureGraph powders to be incorporated into the laminate structure from August 2020.

The agreement covers a supply of 2.5 tonnes per year for ALT pools sold in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Reunion Island.

First Graphene and ALT have conducted extensive test work over the past two years for the incorporation of PureGraph into the pool’s resin systems, which they say has demonstrated improved flexural strength through the addition of small percentages of the graphene powders.

Craig McGuckin, managing director of First Graphene says that immersion testing has been completed in accordance with ASTM D750 standards, and this has confirmed reduced sorption curves, which will reduce the potential for osmotic blistering.

“The execution of this supply agreement represents one of several anticipated for 2020,” he says. “We are pleased to have worked with Aquatic Leisure Technologies to develop a unique range of fibreglass swimming pools for local and export markets. Graphene is helping our customers to develop new products not previously seen with non-graphene technologies. PureGraph additives are a key enabler in taking elastomers, composites, coatings and concrete materials to a new level and we will continue to seek out further new applications and markets where graphene can add value.”

“New era for fibreglass”

ALT managing director Lynley Papineau says they are committed to developing innovative solutions for their customers.

“We are excited by the product we have developed with First Graphene. These are two innovative, Australian founded companies who are taking new technologies to a world market. The implementation of PureGraph into our company’s range of swimming pools is the beginning of a new era for pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pools,” she says.

Papineau believes the additive will create greater strength, durability, water and chemical resistance for the pool shells.

“After two years of extensive research and development we can truthfully boast that this breakthrough in material science has allowed Aquatic Leisure Technologies Pty Ltd, in conjunction with First Graphene Ltd, to be world leaders.”

Caption: Lew Beale, ALT chairman, Warwick Grigor, non-executive chairman, First Graphene, and Lynley Papineau, ALT managing director 


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