Fluidra voluntarily recalls select AstralPool gas heaters

April 7, 2021

Fluidra is initiating a voluntary product safety recall involving select AstralPool Natural & LPG gas swimming pool heaters, effective immediately in the interests of customer safety.

The following AstralPool heaters sold by Fluidra through swimming pool specialists between 1st December 2012 and 26th October 2020 are being recalled voluntarily as of 6 April, 2021:
• HiNRG Natural & LPG Gas Heaters – Model Numbers: 175, 250 and 400
• ICI Natural & LPG Gas Heaters – Model Numbers: 200 and 400
• Viron eVo Natural & LPG Gas Heaters – Model Numbers: 250, 350 and 450s.

The AstralPool JX and HX gas heaters and the Zodiac JXi gas heaters are NOT affected by this product safety recall campaign. More details of affected heaters can be accessed online at www.astralpool.com.au/productrecall.

Fluidra managing director, Stephen Matysiak explains the reason for the product recall: “We identified that water or moisture may enter the ignition module inside the specified gas heater models, causing it to fail. If the ignition module fails and causes a fire, this may result in a serious injury or death to users or bystanders.

“Although this outcome is highly unlikely, our commitment to customer safety is unwavering, resulting in a decision to voluntarily initiate a product safety recall of the affected models with the assistance of ACCC and Energy Safe Victoria.”

Any commercial or private pool owner using one of the affected models must immediately stop using the heater and disconnect the unit from the power supply. Instructions on how to disconnect the heaters from power are available at www.astralpool.com.au/productrecall.

On the same website there is an online booking registration form to arrange for a technician to repair the gas heater onsite, free of charge. Further assistance regarding the rectification process is available through on 1300 852 501 or anz.productrecall@fluidra.com.

For further information and specific assistance, Fluidra customers are encouraged to contact their Fluidra Manager in each state or territory:
• NSW – Aaron Hayes, ahayes@fluidra.com
• VIC – Travis D’Altera, tdaltera@fluidra.com
• QLD – Steven Winfield, swinfield@fluidra.com
• SA – Sheila Duplooy, sduplooy@fluidra.com
• WA – David Barwick, dbarwick@fluidra.com


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