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Get on your pool bike

November 17, 2010

Pool Bike Monte Carlo is now available in Australia through The Roundbath Company.

The Monte Carlo has been developed and tested by a team of sports and health professionals. It is made from injection moulded nylon and ABS plastic resin, and can be produced in any colour.

It has a unique four-paddle transmission, which can be adjusted for greater or less resistance, so the bike can give each user the workout intensity they want.

The Monte Carlo has been tested in salt water and is guaranteed against rust.

The Roundbath Company says the Pool Bike Monte Carlo is now used by the Japanese and US Navies.

The many advantages of exercise using thepool bike include increasing strength, building up cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscular flexibility, providing muscular balance and improving circulation. It is also good for the rehabilitation of muscles, sensory pain reduction and can assist with weight loss.

For more information, contact Jim Heard on (02) 4634 1162, or email hydrorbc1@ozemail.com.au



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