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Gold Coast to get Endless Surf park

May 5, 2021

The Club at Parkwood Village, Gold Coast, Queensland, is planning to add an Endless Surf wave pool to its burgeoning sports and entertainment precinct.

Parkwood serves the local resident community of more than 500,000 with a mix of sport and family activities from dining to golf and trampolining. As a hub for high performance sport, it is also the training centre of the Gold Coast Titans NRL team.

Parkwood plans to add a $200m mixed-use development bringing the community expanded hospitality, medical and commercial services, a new 200-bed hotel as well as residential apartments.

At the centre of the development will be a showpiece Endless Surf pool, offering fun, exercise and a stunning view for the community.

Luke Altschwager, managing director and founder of Parkwood says Australians loves surfing and this technology that can create customised repeatable waves will revolutionise the sport.

“I want to make sure Parkwood becomes the heart of the sport here on the Gold Coast. Not only is a world class surf pool a perfect fit for our active community, it anchors a whole new level of economic investment in the area.”

Endless Surf is made by Canada-based aquatic entertainment provider WhiteWater.

“Endless Surf represents the most cutting-edge surf technology today, offering an authentic vibe in an attractive and welcoming setting, while providing great, flexible waves for all types of surfers – which is why we’ve chosen Endless Surf,” he says. “Plus it is a family run company with an approach to business much like ours, driven by a sense of purpose to provide the very best experiences that enhance lives.”

Parkwood anticipates the project will be complete in 2023.




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