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Guide To Buying In-Ground Pools

July 18, 2012

Buying an in-ground pool is a process that requires a great deal of research and consideration. If you are new to the experience, you will need all the help you can get. There are various types of in-ground pools that you could be opting for, and the details below should help you make your pick easier.


Look For Discounted In-Ground Pools

First of all, make sure you will get the best price possible for your future in-ground pool this means you should start performing some deep, detailed searches both online and offline. Search for particular pool contractors who are announcing some nice discounts for pools you can purchase on the spot and have installed at a later moment in time. Summer and the beginning of the spring are some of the highest recommended times to perform such searches for discounted in-ground pools. The in-ground pool business tends to be rather slow during these times, so make sure you try to complete your purchase then.


Types Of In-Ground Pools To Look Into     

There are several pool varieties you could be choosing. Concrete in-ground pools are some of the most expensive types of pools you could be purchasing. They are also the most popular and you can find them under the names of “shotcrete” or “gunite” due to the fact that wet concrete is being pumped into them with the help of a hose during their building. The wet concrete is being shot with a gun right into the walls that are reinforced by steel. The building process further implies the plasturing, troweling and painting of the in-ground pool. These types of pool pose the direct advantage of enabling builders to choose any size and shape. This means you will get to order your own customized in-ground pool in case you decide upon a concrete pool that allows you to stay within your budget. Pools made of concrete require anywhere between 21 and 80 days to be installed, which is a longer time frame as compared to other types of pools. However, pools made of concrete are much sturdier and there is always the possibility of making them larger, completely rebuilding or refinishing them.   

In-Ground Vinyl Pools

These pools are made from a single piece of flexible liner inserted in a hole that needs to be excavated. The liner then needs to be connected to a framed wall made of aluminum or steel. There is a limited choice when it comes to pools made of vinyl, as they come in a limited number of shapes and predefined sizes. You can find them shaped like a rectangular, the form of the letter L or having a freeform line shape. Vinyl pools can be installed in one up to three weeks. Damaged can be cause by pointy items like pool toys or dogs ad their paws, as the liner can be ruptured or ripped. Opt for an in-ground vinyl pool that is at least 20 millimeters thick.  

Fiberglass Pools Takes Three Days To Install

If you are in a real hurry, fiberglass pools will only require three days to be installed. It comes at some affordable rates and the extra smooth gel coated finish is highly sturdy and has no pores, so there is no need to use as many chemicals as you should use for a concrete pool. Go online and look for some special discounts and while you are at it check out the online casino affiliate program offered by the site.



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