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Having a field day

October 20, 2010
Allambie Heights Spastic Centre has issued an invitation for the swimming pool industry to view their innovative hydrotherapy pool renovation.

The centre was suffering from poor filtration, turn-over time and automated pool chemical disinfection. The pool consultant, Alan Lewis, had made it clear that without major changes to the infrastructure, the Centre could not achieve optimum results commiserate with modern day practice.

Some of the exciting innovations in this installation include:
• The reduction of chloramines using low level ozone. The ozone is dissolved in especially locally designed and built mixing vessels;

• Eliminating the potential for production of carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs);
• Continuous automated measuring, dosing and recording of the chloramines together with the regular parameters: pH, ORP, free chlorine and TDS;
• Use of a Waterco deep bed sand filter for Cryptosporidium control;
• Integrated recycling of harvested rainwater with the wasted pool water for use in the toilets. The aim is to eventually arrive at a totally independent pool with zero demand on town supply;
• Avoiding the need for frequent backwashing by constant slow dilution via the wasted sample line water which is made up automatically with either harvested rainwater or supply water (when the former is not available);
• Intelligent and economic use of CO2 (pH reduction) and sodium hypochlorite in an innovatively designed, flow controlled, shunt line.

The sponsors of this field day are the major suppliers of the equipment: Waterco – the filter; Prominent – pool controls; BOC – the mini bulk tank; Ozone Swim – the low level ozone generators; Wright Pools – the plumbing and installation work.

The projected date for the field day is Friday, May 22, 2009. Registration is essential and you will be sent further information on the program, the timing and any changes to the arrangements. To register, email Alan Lewis at


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