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Hayward Industries acquires Paramount Leisure Industries

August 29, 2018

Global residential and commercial pool equipment manufacturer, Hayward Industries, has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Paramount Leisure Industries.

The transaction is expected to close  in August.

Known in the industry as Paramount Pool & Spa Systems, it has a strong heritage and reputation for its innovative in-floor cleaning systems.

Local business unchanged

Pool-Water Products is the local distributor of Paramount systems, and general manager Rohan Beasley says that from their perspective, and to coin an old cliché, it is business as usual.

“We are approaching the future in the same way as we’ve always done and that is to provide quality Paramount Products and maintain the highest level of service and support to our customers. We will continue to distribute the Paramount range of products with the same passion and drive and assure all of our customers that our relationship with Paramount remains very strong,” he says.

“Pool-Water Products and Paramount, together with our loyal Licenced Dealer network, have built a reputation for providing the best quality products to satisfy the needs of customers who are looking to simplify owning their swimming pools and spas.”

He says they look forward to working with Hayward to strengthen the reputation that has been developed over many, many years.

No change to distribution agreements

Andrew and Sally Simson, owners of Pool-Water Products, said in a letter that they were contacted by Buzz Ghizz, president of Paramount Pool & Spa Systems about the sale of Paramount to Hayward Industries Inc.

“Paramount will continue to operate as an autonomous business under the existing management of Buzz, Bill and their administration, sales and customer service teams. Buzz assures us that Paramount will continue as a business focussed on quality products and under the terms of the sale there will be no change to their existing distribution agreements worldwide.

“As a family run business with such a rich history, the Ghizz family believes the purchase by Hayward allows Paramount the best opportunity to grow whilst protecting the future of the business. The sale strengthens Paramount in the long term and presents opportunities for all concerned.

“For us at Pool-Water Products this means the continuation of a very strong working relationship with everyone at Paramount and a continuation to strive for the very best in product delivery and customer service.”

Pool-Water Products was started more than 30 years ago by Rob and Barb Portbury who worked with the Ghizz family to assist in the development of the products supplied to the industry today. The first installations of the Paramount In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems were installed in Australia 25 years ago and Pool-Water Products continues to exclusively supply the Australian concrete pool market today and into the future.


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