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Hayward Pool Products Australia Unveils Omnilogic®

October 5, 2017

New sophisticated automation system designed to be simple to use, program, install and sell.

The innovative system architecture, paired with the sophisticated look and feel of all user interfaces, marks the first controller of its kind to address the long-standing needs of pool owners and pool builders alike.

According to Hayward’s Senior Product Manager for Automation and Backyard Synergies Greg Fournier, OmniLogic was designed to be simple and intuitive for the pool owner to use, while decreasing the time builders spend ordering, installing, programming, training, and supporting. “In short, we listened to customers, and built the controller that pool-owners will love using, and builders will love installing.”

The sophisticated controller combines the multi-platform, user-friendly interfaces of today’s leading-edge consumer electronics (iPhone, Android) with an intelligent, modular system architecture that makes design, installation and programming easier and more efficient than traditional controllers.

Advancements in usability include:

  • Intuitive iPhone, Android and Web apps for easy backyard management anytime, from anywhere
  • Configurable, icon-based touch screen on the base unit provides for easier programming without needing access to a wireless or wired remote
  • 50 configurable favorites icons can control multiple features/functions with a tap of the screen
  • 25 theme functions give each family member the ability to personalize themes for their own custom ambiance
  • Save time and money by easily programming your pump speed and filtration schedules, and scheduling weekly cleaning and maintenance. Cut down further on energy costs by utilizing Hayward’s NEW 10 Star Energy Rated TriStar® VS Pump with OmniLogic.

A breakthrough innovation in backyard automation, OmniLogic boasts an array of industry firsts.

“This intuitive controller will change the way high-end pools are configured and operated,” said Fournier. “Anything you expect from a pool controller, it is sure to exceed. It will change this industry’s perception of backyard automation.”

For more information about Hayward’s OmniLogic, please visit www.hayward-pool.com.au


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