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Hayward wins National SPASA Product of the Year 2020

August 26, 2020

Product of the Year: Hayward Pool Products

The new AquaVac 6 Series Robotic Cleaner from Hayward brings Hydrocyclonic Technology to swimming pools. With no filters to clean and no loss of suction, it remains at peak performance throughout operation. Couple this with a simple, touch free empty system and its never been easier to clean your pool.

Highly Commended: International Quadratics

Possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals. Theralux Quantum AOP, is a photocatalytic oxidiser, known by scientists as Nature’s Silver Bullet. It neutralises what chlorine, ozone and conventional UV sterilisers cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Like no other pool device, the Quantum will also break down oil and contaminants into their molecular form.

Highly Commended: Maleco Pool & Spa Covers Victoria

Maleco pool & spa cover system offers two-in-one pool protection. The computerised multi-purpose covering system protects swimming pools and swim spas with cover & shade in the same product.

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