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Healthy winter proves promising

October 20, 2010

DA figures for the winter months of June and July show a marked improvement over last year’s numbers.

Pool DA numbers for the Year-to-August showed a one percent increase over the same period last year. However, comparing June and July with the same period last year showed a dramatic increase in DA numbers.

Three states showed improvement over the Year-to-August figures: New South Wales (18 per cent), Victoria (14 per cent) and South Australia (11 per cent), while Queensland (-15 per cent) and Western Australia (-10 per cent) showed declines.

Taking the two months only into consideration, there was a 27 per cent increase over the same period last year. The biggest increase was for New South Wales (175 percent), while Queensland had a 27 per cent increase and South Australia a nine per cent increase. Other States held steady.

It should be taken into consideration that comparisons of DA numbers against insurance scheme numbers indicate that some figures could be considerably higher.

Additionally, these figures would exclude most renovations, pool projects that are included as part of a new home, or smaller projects under the cost threshold –these projects are estimated to be an additional 30 per cent, meaning total pools actually built could be considerably higher than the quoted DA figures.

However, while these quoted figures may miss some swimming pools, spas and renovations, they do give an indication of how the market is trending.

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