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Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems

November 2, 2010

The systems utilise rugged and durable polypropylene collector panels. These panels are manufactured in a quality controlled and ISO rated factory. Heliocol’s individual riser tubes provide high wetted surface areas with no wasted webbing space between the tubes.


Installers of Heliocol appreciate the riser tubes being moulded into the manifolds during manufacture. This moulding process saves installers hundreds of low pressure joins on site.


The 1.2 metre wide panels are connected together using a Heliocol designed and manufactured three-part clamp system that compresses a high pressure seal providing a maintenance-free connection. Rubber hoses and worm drives are not required. Heliocol is secured to the roof with screwed and sealed roof fixings, providing extremely high resistance during summer storms. This also enables Heliocol to be installed on steep roofs.


Being polypropylene, Heliocol panels have a much longer life span, backed up by their 25 year “Peace of Mind” warranty. With a network of dealers around the world, Heliocol has grown over the last 35 years to be the largest supplier of solar pool heating equipment in the world.


For more information click here http://www.heliocol.com.au/



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