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The imaginarium of underwater art

February 27, 2014
Imaginarium Underwater Art Exhibition opening in Brisbane

“Inspired by “The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus”, this photographic art series has awakened a beautiful world of underwater and fashion, with its ethereal sets and emotive stories.

Detailed design and hand-crafted elements evoke dreamlike, yet poignantly real images. The tone and shade palette used in this body of work induces diverse sensual responses, conveying tales of love, enchantment and sorrow.

All fourteen images that make up the collection tell tales of a beautiful gypsy girl named Valentina who takes on different roles to appeal to the fantasies and pride of those who are participating in The Imaginarium, whilst embarking on her own lovesick journey.

The Imaginarium is to be released around Australia, Europe and Asia early 2014 and is a limited edition print series available for purchase.


Creative Direction, Props & Photography by Beth Mitchell
Garments & Accessories by Begitta
Hair and Makeup Design by Kylie Eustace- Kylie’s Professional
Models: Brooke Jamieson Isabelle Faith Aiden McCarthy

Beth Mitchell:



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