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Industry pools together to help disabled child

June 28, 2014
Gary from Crown Pools, mum Susan Anderson, Jett, dad Shane Corson and pool organiser Tricia Carter and her son Mitchell

Eight year old Jett Corson has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, making it almost impossible for him to do any exercise, sport or physical activity – except swimming.

The rare, incurable disease hastens the deterioration of every muscle in his body including his heart.

His mother, Susan Anderson, says that Jett has never been able to run, climb or hop and he is always in pain from his hard, stone-like muscles. He spends most of his time in a wheelchair, but hydrotherapy can help him to get out of the chair for slightly longer periods.

Friend Tricia Cartwright and the staff of Scarborough-based pool company Crown Pools led a group of 14 different pool industry companies to supply the surprise gift of a swimming pool to young Jett.

His mother sent him for three consecutive sleepovers while the excavation and pour was hurriedly carried out. When he returned he saw the partially complete pool and was overwhelmed.

Jett was excited, pleased and thankful, not only because he can improve his health and play in the pool, but when friends come over they’ll be able to have fun together as well. He is planning a pool party once the pool is filled.

The companies helping included: Crown Pools who carried out the installation and co-ordination free of charge, Zodiac who supplied all the major equipment including a MagnaPool system free of charge, Waterco who supplied skimmers, drains and four spa jets free of charge, AstralPool who supplied equipment free of charge, Hytec (Mansells Concrete) who supplied concrete and shotcrete services free of charge, as well as Harrington Excavations, Apex Certification and Construction, Philip Vanemeit, Aus Fence Hire, the Pool Tile Company, Terry Angel Fencing, Pebble Pro (Horvak) and ARC.

See the Seven News video of Jeff seeing the pool shell for the first time here.

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