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INTENSIFIA: The Colour Enhancer with World-leading Stain Protection

June 1, 2014

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INTENSIFIA™ is Dry-Treat’s latest product innovation. Premium colour enhancement is combined with superior sealing technology.

Treated surfaces have unmatched colour intensity and long lasting protection from water and oil-based stains. The breathable, impregnating sealer is perfect for a wide variety of porous surfaces including natural stone, pavers, terracotta, terrazzo and polished concrete.


INTENSIFIA™ retards the growth of mold, moss and mildew. The enhancing maintains the wet slip resistance of floors and stands up well to UV light. Using INTENSIFIA™ is environmentally responsible.

The LEED compliant enhancer meets the world’s most stringent VOC standards. The enhancer comes with a 5 year performance warranty when applied by an Accredited Applicator.

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