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Interim Waterborne Inflatables Standard published

August 19, 2012
Wibit's Aqua Duel inflatable
Wibit's Aqua Duel inflatable

The interim standard for constant airflow inflatables in swimming pools (as discussed in the August issue of SPLASH!) has been published.

Australian Standard AS 3533.4.5(Int)-2012 Amusement rides and devices – Specific requirements – Waterborne inflatables, has been published by Standards Australia and is now available for download from SAI Global.

The Interim Standard specifies safety requirements and test methods related to materials, safety, performance, operation and management of constant airflow inflatable devices when used as amusement devices on controlled water. It also specifies information to be supplied with the equipment.

The interim standard will exist for perhaps 18 months, during which time the industry and public can provide feedback and add input before the final standard is published.

The next edition of the Interim Standard is intended to also include sealed inflatable devices other than aquatic toys, e.g. blow up rings, inflated seahorses, rings intended for use on water slides, flotation aids for water familiarisation.

Additionally, public comment has been solicited for the Draft Code of Practice – Amusement Devices released by Safe Work Australia. Comments close on August 24, 2012.


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