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Join the solar pool heating roundtable to discuss new standard

May 18, 2021

SPASA Australia currently sits on the Australian standard AS3634 Solar Pool Heating which covers materials, design, performance, testing and broad-based installation practices for solar pool heating.

Work on AS3634 is continuing with a projected finish date of late 2021.

In anticipation of this standard being published, SPASA is seeking to establish a roundtable for solar heating companies to consider the following:

• What are the current solar heating infield installation practices?
• What does an industry solar heating installation benchmark look like?
• Is there industry support for a solar heating installation course?
• What industry solar heating installation resources are available?
• And to develop a working group for next steps.

Please register your interest to attend a future roundtable meeting.

Main image courtesy of Sunbather (illustrative purposes only).


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