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Joint report published on Victorian public pools

March 27, 2019

In an industry first, Victoria’s two peak bodies Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) and Life Saving Victoria (LSV) have collaborated to support a better understanding of the Victorian public pool landscape.

Building on the legacy of the independent state of industry reports, this annual publication is intended to provide a broad snapshot of the industry, enabling better tracking and comparison of key metrics such as industry size, breadth and social/economic value. The report is intended to act as one true source of information, enabling improved analysis, evaluation and more informed decision making.

Objectives and findings

Distribution of Victorian public pools
Distribution of Victorian public pools

The objectives are to provide:

• An overview of the size, scope and value of the industry;
• Analysis of safety assessments and broader industry safety performance and trends;
• An overview of sector projects, research and future directions;
• Details of key industry award and event winners;
• Insights into customer use of public pools.

The report found there are:

• 300 Victorian council-owned pools;
• 266 additional Victorian public access pools;
• More than 70 million visits to Victorian aquatic recreation facilities each year;
• $933m planned infrastructure spend over the next four years;
• A value of $8.5bn for sport and recreation to the Victorian economy;
• An expected 16 per cent increase in participation to 2033.

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