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Keep the pool and spa dollars ticking over this winter

May 8, 2018

Most pool shops now sell a winteriser product or program.

As popular as winterising programs are, essentially what you are doing is telling the pool owner “add this product and don’t come back to my shop for three months”. When they return they’re going to tell them not to come back again for a further three months.

To compensate for this reduced face-to-face time with your customers, you must maximise your sales dollars per visit and design a program to encourage them to visit your store for other reasons.

Water test

First, conduct a water test and ensure that the pool water is balanced. Then provide a winteriser package that contains a minimum of the following: three-month winteriser algaecide; one bottle of phosphate remover; one bottle of clarifier or a skimmer clarifier tablet; detailed instructions on how to instigate the winteriser program.

Include in these instructions a recommendation to bring a water sample back to the pool shop for testing after period of heavy rain.

Also, keep the contact details of the purchaser and follow up with a reminder after 10 weeks to return to your shop and purchase a further three-month winteriser pack.

These tips are supplied by pool industry pioneer and chemistry expert David Lloyd. For more information on this or any other technical enquiries call International Quadratics on (02) 9774 5550.



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