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Kiwi aquatics supplier expanding in Australia

April 24, 2019

Sports facilities specialist HTS Group is expanding across the Tasman to service Australian sports centres, clubs, councils, schools and other sporting facilities.

HTS Group have been providing Swiss Timing, Olympic standard, high accuracy equipment and technology to professional sporting competitions, right through to training grounds and local facilities.

“HTS Group and Swiss Timing have a long-term relationship based on quality products, high levels of accuracy and outstanding backup,” says Colin Robson, HTS Group director. “We’re excited to bring our combined industry knowledge to the thriving Australian market.

“We understand that the Australian and New Zealand markets demand high quality products, and we aim to not only exceed expectations, but to also provide a wider solution range and an industry-leading level of technical support, service and back-up,” he says.

“We have all the certifications and back-end taken care of, so competitive facilities can be assured that they are compliant with local and global federations, regulations and standards.”

Sports facilities products now being made available nationally include timing systems, scoreboards, photo finish technology and a broad range of technologies and accessories to optimise timing, scoring and displays within sporting centres.

The partnership’s sports facilities and timing expertise covers a broad range of sports, including aquatics, AFL, athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, multi-sports, rowing, wrestling, weightlifting, water polo and wood chopping.

HTS initially expanded into Australia in 2011 with the expansion of the Swiss Timing relationship where it trades as Australasia Sports Timing – a wholly owned subsidiary of HTS Group Ltd. This partnership supports major facilities locally and in the Pacific Islands.

Expanding range

HTS Group is now extending a large sports facilities range to Australia, building on the established successes of the Sports Timing partnership. It is bringing a wider range of products and increased technical support locally, in line with the company’s broader expansion in Australia.

“As the demand for technology, digital presentation of results, information and access control increases, HTS Group leverages its other strong business channels to offer complementary solutions,” said Robson.

Ranging from pedestrian turnstiles typically used by local clubs and schools, right through to higher security options more common on Olympic or professional sports facilities, perimeter and entry control technologies are an essential way to keep track of who is entering the building, and ensuring the wrong people are not given access.

“It’s easy to see how an Olympic facility might need some form of entrance security, but even local clubs often need some form of barrier to prevent those trying to avoid paying entry fees, or trying to cause harm,” he says.

As the world embraces digitalisation, the need for more advanced digital media displays is increasing. Sports facilities are now seeking larger format scoreboards that display a wider range of digital information

“Through HTS Group’s partnerships with Betvis and Big Screen Video, we can supply high quality digital scoreboards in larger sizes that are highly customisable, and ideal for displaying video or advertising. They can even be designed and branded with the customer’s branding, to suit their unique facility,” says Robson.



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