Edition 119 of SPLASH! is live

October 10, 2018

Edition 119 of SPLASH! is published, and the online version is live.

As well as the informative news items and product information, this issue has a comprehensive review of the SPLASH! show, all the pool and spa awards both nationally and from around the country and an in-depth look at the Pool of the Year.

For the first time, the digital version of SPLASH! has embedded video to improve your viewing experience.

SPLASH! 2018 buzzes with record attendance

Once again the SPLASH! Pool & Spa Trade Show has raised the bar for locally held events, and once again we bring a comprehensive rundown on the most impressive show ever held on these shores, as well as the associated events that made up SPLASH! Week.

Australia’s best: the 2018 national award winners

All the winners from the night of nights on the Gold Coast, presented at the National Awards Gala, showcasing the very best across the nation in every category.

Father’s legacy in award winning pool

The joy of winning the 2018 National Pool of the Year award was tinged with sadness for Freedom Pools’ Adam Bugden, as it was the last pool his father Alan worked on prior to his untimely passing.

All the winners from all the states

All the awards of excellence winners from New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Just how good is the pool market in Australia?

Cal Stanley looks at how the Australian market stacks up against the biggest market in the world – the USA – and finds that while we’re smaller overall, in terms of pools per capita we more than hold our own.

The new Fluidra explained

The merger of Fluidra and Zodiac has created the biggest pool and spa industry supplier both globally and locally. We speak to the local managing directors to learn about the new structure and their future plans.

Crucial clarity in The Meg’s underwater studio

Before filming The Meg, American movie giant Warner Bros Studios needed assurance that the underwater dive tank was able to create a blank canvas for filmmakers, meaning the water had to be crystal clear.



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