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Read issue 118 of SPLASH! online now.

July 26, 2018

Read issue 118 of SPLASH! online now.

As well as the informative news items and product information, this issue has many great features including a look at the latest research into water quality, an investigation how IoT is making life easier for pool owners, and a case study on improving water park access for people of all abilities.

Features include:

IoT making life easier for pool owners
Izzy Grace looks at how the connected home is making pool ownership a more attractive proposition.

Improving pool water quality
Tom Lachocki and Rose Lyda show how dealing with chloramines relies on a combination of education and experience.

A waterpark for everyone
Inspired by a brave girl, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is open to everyone, regardless of disability.

Keeping the client happy
Cal Stanley helps put you in the box seat for repeat business.

Pools are valued assets
Recent surveys show Australians value properties with swimming pools.

Brands are failing Australian mums
Katrina McCarter helps fix the marketing oversights that lose the demographic behind 80 per cent of consumer buying decisions.

Clifftop pool inspires travellers
The amazing view from one of the most thrilling pools in Asia.

The plunge pool revolution
Home-delivered pools are creating a new market that builders can tap into.

Avoid failing at franchising
Jason Gehrke helps you side-step the top five franchisee fails.

Women in leadership at SPLASH!
A preview of the upcoming 2018 Women in Leadership Seminar.

How to avoid business chaos
Dave Crenshaw helps you choose focus over chaos.

Learn to educate your clients
Chris Newton shows how explaining creativity can improve the client’s experience.

Issues with pH and spas
David Watson looks at the tricky issues with ORP/pH controllers on spas.

Surf and yoga combine in the pool
Boga Mat classes bring together physical training, balance and fun.

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