Latest print and digital edition of SPLASH! out now

July 14, 2021

Edition 136 of SPLASH! has been published and the digital version is also out. Read it online now.

This issue we look at which filtration types are best suited for which applications, and the considerations to make the most of the chosen system.

We also consider the increasing convenience of pool covers, as the more convenient a pool cover, the more likely the owners can reap the many benefits of their use – and enjoy their swimming pools more.

Cal Stanley looks at an ancient aqueduct and ponders the fact that there is a solution for every water problem, even if it takes 15 years to get it right.

And we look at how recent consumer pool and spa expos thronged with crowds of eager purchasers, highlighting expectations of a good season ahead.

And of course there is plenty of news and also the latest new products to delve into.

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Here is a link to the archive of digital SPLASH! magazines.


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