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Learn2Swim Week comes around again

September 12, 2018
This is the fourth year of Learn2Swim Week

The Learn2Swim Week initiative, now in its fourth year, is aimed at giving every child in Australia under the age of five the chance to learn to swim. It is organised by Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive – Do The Five program in partnership with Poolwerx.

Poolwerx CEO, John O’Brien, says Learn2Swim Week is a key component of the franchise’s annual water safety campaign, which also includes the successful April Pools Day campaign run earlier in the year.

“We know the ability to swim is one of the most important factors in reducing the risk of childhood drowning, so we need to introduce more kids to water familiarisation and swimming lessons as early as possible,” he says.

October 2 to October 9

This year Learn2Swim Week will run from October 2 to October 9 and Poolwerx is encouraging swim schools to get behind the initiative and provide free swimming lessons for children under five during the week-long event.

O’Brien says swim schools involved last year reported that 60 per cent of parents whose children participated in Learn2Swim Week went on to enrol their children for further lessons.

“We know that the message to parents about the importance of teaching under-5s to swim is getting through and this is so important, as children aged 0-4 years are at the highest risk for both fatal and non-fatal drownings.”

O’Brien also says the initiative is an opportunity to connect with and make a difference in their local communities.

“As a leader in the pool and spa industry, we have both the opportunity and a responsibility to promote safe water practices in our communities.”

The initiative is supported by AustSWIM, ASSA and SWIM Australia.



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