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Liquid nitrogen in Mexican pool puts nine in hospital, one in coma

June 20, 2013


A Jagermeister promotional event has turned to disaster after nine people have reportedly been hospitalised following liquid nitrogen being poured in to a swimming pool, supposedly with the intention of creating a smoky atmposphere.

Amateur video posted on YouTube on June 17 taken at the event  shows guests jumping into a swimming pool covered in smoke. The swimmers soon have difficulty breathing and are helped out of the water.

According to reports, nine people were taken to hospital. All have have been released at the time of the reports, except for a 21-year-old who had been in intensive care and was still under observation. Reports say the man, identified as Jose Ignacio Lopez del Toro by Univision Noticias, is still in a coma.

Jagermeister has released a statement saying they are aware of the incident in Leon, Mexico, it is being investigated by their headquarters in Germany. Mexican authorities are also investigating.

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