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Lynley Papineau appointed Aquatic Leisure Technologies managing director

June 4, 2017
Lynley Papineau, managing director of Aquatic Leisure Technologies
Lynley Papineau, managing director of Aquatic Leisure Technologies

Following the tragic and unexpected death of executive director Ben Beale, his sister Lynley Papineau will take on the role of managing director of Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT). Ben and Lynley’s father, ALT founder Lew Beale, will step away from managing the company and take on the role of executive chairman.

In a statement, Lew Beale thanked all their friends and business partners for their support over the past five weeks since the passing of his son.

“As difficult as it is to comprehend the new world that we find ourselves facing, we must look forward and make the necessary business decisions to ensure ALT continues to grow and develop on the foundations that have been built over the past 40 years,” he said.

After founding ALT, Lew managed the company for 30 years, most of that time with the assistance of Ben and Lynley.

“I have been privileged as a father to have my son Ben and daughter Lynley work together side by side for over 20 years and build the company into what it is today,” he said.

“Ben impacted the lives of so many people. He had a way about him that made people feel special and we miss him dearly. We must ensure the growth of the business continues and I have full confidence in the ability of Lynley as managing director to take the company forward.”

Family and business partners

Lynley Papineau is the current president of SPASA Australia, has been a recipient of the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Award (Private Sector) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce.

“It is not until something is taken away from you that you reflect back and realise how truly special it was,” says Lynley.

“Lew, Ben and I were family first but as business partners we managed to turn a small business into one of Australia’s largest fibreglass pool manufacturers. ALT has an amazing culture built on family values and with taking on the role of managing director I will do everything to continue what we have created and make Ben proud,” she says.

“We are also fortunate to be able to look internally at our management team that collectively holds more than 180 years’ experience in the swimming pool industry.”

More personnel changes

One of the other significant changes comes with Darren Godden taking on the role of business development manager.

“Darren has been a member of the ALT family for almost 28 years working as the operations manager. He has extensive knowledge of the industry and is a natural fit for this position,” she says.

General manager Kevin Stone, who was also fulfilling the role of manufacturing manager, will take on extra responsibilities and has subsequently seconded Lee Mascall into the manufacturing manager’s role.

“Gina McKenzie has replaced Darren Godden as operations manager and will increase her responsibilities to lead the operations department, ensuring ALT maintains our commitment to clients. Gina has been at ALT for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience.”

Lew said that as the company continues to evolve as an organisation, they will draw on the passion and skill of their people who are integral to the business.

“We are confident the above positions will drive ALT with a clear agenda for success, as we continue to be the leading pool manufacturing and retail business in Australia,” he said.



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