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Melbourne expo pool shows uptake in regional consumers and fibreglass pool enquiry

November 4, 2015
Consumers showed more interest in fibreglass pools than concrete ones

The exit poll from SPASA Victoria’s winter consumer expo in August showed that regional visitor numbers were increasing.

Brendan Watkins says that although overall attendance was slightly lower than the previous year, exhibitors reported a high number of genuine leads and renewed optimism from consumers.

The exit poll included some interesting statistics, including the fact that 68 per cent of visitors do not own a pool or spa; 51 per cent were actively seeking to make a purchase of a pool or spa within the next six months with a budget of up to $50,000; and attendance from regional visitors increased to 30 per cent.

Additionally, interest in fibreglass pools increased to 37 per cent this year, with concrete pools at 32 per cent.


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