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Million dollars offered with Zodiac consumer campaign

March 13, 2019

Zodiac has just completed its three-month long Hello Summer promotional campaign which offered six consumers the chance to win an amazing million dollars.

Five lucky contestants were selected from Australia and one from New Zealand and were flown to Sydney in an all-expenses-paid weekend away with an opportunity to make it the best weekend of their lives.

They gathered at the Star Casino on February 22 for a chance to walk away with a life-changing $1,000,000.

Jonathan Rainbow was the finalist for New South Wales, Sharon Dunkinson for Victoria/Tasmania, Chong Chew for South Australia, Richard Lewis for Queensland, Natasha Thies for Western Australia/Northern Territory and Rob Clear for New Zealand.

Members of the Zodiac team accompanied the six contestants and their families to a prestigious suite for complimentary drinks and finger-food, where the lucky visitors from New Zealand, Rob Clear and family were chosen at random by an adjudicator to be given the chance to pick up the envelope containing the six-figure cheque.

Tension builds

The intimidating spread of 250 envelopes

Soon after, the Zodiac team and all six finalists made their way to a private function room for the nerve-racking main event.

“We had a fantastic time meeting the finalists and getting to know them in the lead up to the anticipated grand-prize draw,” says Zodiac marketing director, Jonas Ryberg.

“We had an overwhelming number of competition registrations, and for a good reason! A million dollars is an unbelievable prize, and where better to win big than the stunning Star Casino!”

The contestants and Zodiac team arrived at the function room in high spirits, despite staring down the intimidating spread of 250 envelopes, one of which held the keys to a brand-new lifestyle. The rest held $5000.

Unfortunately for Rob and his family, he was unsuccessful in selecting the $1,000,000 envelope but was nonetheless happy to be spending the weekend in Sydney and returning home $5000 richer.

Ryberg commented on the considerable success of the campaign as it achieved Zodiac’s proposed marketing objectives with time to spare, saying the results will likely influence future promotions, giving more pool and spa owners the chance to win remarkable prizes in the future.

“The Zodiac team wishes to thank all those who registered, with a huge thank you to the contestants for their enthusiasm and unwavering sportsmanship on the night. It was a great campaign and an even better event, and the Zodiac team look forward to running exciting new campaigns like this one in seasons to come,” he says.



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