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More Queensland pool owners to get rebates

December 7, 2011

Earlier this year, we had information about how Ergon Energy customers can save money by buying variable speed pumps or connecting to Tariff 33.

Now it’s Energex’s turn through their South East Queensland Pool Campaign.

As part of Energex’s efforts to reduce peak demand in South East Queensland, they are offering pool owners a $250 EFTPOS gift card for connecting their pool pump to an off-peak tariff or installing a minimum 5-Star energy efficient pool pump.

Pool pumps are amongst the most energy-hungry appliances and may cost more than $550 per year in running costs. Minimum 5-Star energy efficient pool pumps are up to 80 per cent more energy efficient and connecting a pool pump to off-peak Tariff 33 could save up to 40 per cent in running costs.

Pool owners can select one or both options, but can only claim one $250 EFTPOS gift card. However, if they also connect their hot water system to an off-peak tariff, they’ll receive another $100 gift card.

The offer is available until May 18, 2012. Forms are available via


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