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New Disc for the WaterLink Spin Water Testing System Cuts Test Times Further

May 9, 2017

This record-breaking time has now been cut in half with the release of the 3-Test Disc. And, even better news for the user is that with three tests per disc, the same unit can be used three times, compared to the single use of the original discs. This also significantly reduces the cost per test.

Specially designed for use in public pools, the 3-Test Disc features LaMotte’s patented centrifugal fluidics. And as the name implies covers only three test parameters compared to the previous disc which did up to 11. The tests cover most public pool needs: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine (Bromine) and pH.

The disc is ideally suited for the latest version of LaMotte’s photometer-based testing, the WaterLink Spin Touch™. This system can now be used anywhere in the field or in-store, without the need of computer or mobile device. All the user has to do is fill a reagent disc, place this in the meter, tap “start” and all tests are done automatically via the touch screen.

And, with a built-in lithium ion battery, there’s no need for a power connection, either, with tests unaffected by power or computer outages.

The new disc has no incomplete blanks, the syringe fills in all blanks. As well, the user gets less underfills – which are now easier to see when enough water has been injected.

We note that combined Chlorine is computed by the WaterLink Spin Touch.

Initial market acceptance of the 3-Test Disc has been very good, according to Vendart Pty Ltd, exclusive Australian distributors for LaMotte.


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