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New LaMotte Photometer-based Pool Water Testing System From Vendart

November 14, 2016


When the photometer-based WaterLink Spin was first introduced in the market some three years ago, the ground-breaking pool and spa water testing system really made waves, so to speak. Using a reagent disc inside a machine with an advanced photometer, connected to a computer, results were available to the user in a matter of 60 seconds.

With the release of the new WaterLink Spin Touch™, the system can now be used anywhere in the field or in-store, without the need of computer or mobile device. All the user has to do is fill a reagent disc, place this in the meter, tap “start” and all tests are done automatically via the touch screen.

And, with a built in lithium ion battery, there’s no need for a power connection, either, with tests unaffected by power or computer outages.

In the field, the results are displayed on the touch screen, which can also be transferred to DataMate Web software for instant analysis, with step-by-step treatment instructions transfer to the technicians mobile device. Test history is also stored via Cloud technology. DataMate allows easy customisation of chemicals, dosage rates, treatment text and ideal ranges, as well as set up for actual products stocked by the store.

The user can now easily manage a full fleet of mobile service technicians with an easy to manage, drag-and-drop style scheduling tool.

The use of new Bluetooth technology allows better connectivity and provides an improved interface.

In-store, the Spin Touch can be run directly from the computer using DataMate Web or DataMate 10 software. Test results are displayed on the monitor with all records (history) kept in the cloud or on the computer’s hard drive. With DataMate Web, the information can be shared across several stores, including field service testing, with one database for all data entered.

According to Jason Leach, managing director of Vendart Pty Ltd, sole Australian distributor for LaMotte, “this is the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry ever produced. Pool and spa water analysis no longer has to rely on time consuming test and clean-up procedures. It’s almost idiot-proof, with no vials to fill, no prep time or guessing involved. And, the test results are available quickly.”

For use with WaterLink Spin Touch, Vendart supply five reagent discs, with up to 11 test parameters per disk. Parameters cover Chlorine/Bromine, Chlorine/Bromine plus Phosphate, Chlorine/Bromine plus Borate and Biguanide plus Borate, as well as pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Copper and Iron. Testing times vary from 30 – 60 seconds, depending on the disc used.

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