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New solar powered pool roller

August 11, 2011

Sunbather’s latest pool roller, the SR-1, is not only attractive, it’s solar powered.

The SR-1’s motor-drive will open itself while you prepare for your swim and, at the flick of the switch, close automatically when you’re finished.

On the pool, the SR-1’s slats make a contemporary, architectural statement. The tubular anodised aluminium pillars look sleek and the adjustable state-of-the-art solar panel adds a high-tech touch to complete an impressive package. 

Slat covers offer the best in water conservation and heat retention and are renowned for being the best looking covers available. SR-1 adds to those benefits by being the most affordable automatic slat cover in Australia.

Other benefits are that the SR-1’s running costs are extremely low (zero in summer; or even all year round if there is sufficient winter sun); installation is a breeze with no wiring required; the powerful battery lasts during long periods without sunshine; over winter, you can top up the battery with a smart charger.

Additionally, the Australian made cover has built in electronic smarts to prevent overcharge or cut-outs, helping ensure a long battery life.

The SR-1 can be retrofitted to existing pools and is designed to suit most domestic, geometric pools. Larger sizes are available on request. 

The solar panel can be located elsewhere on a roof or in the garden for indoor or shaded pools, or can be situated on one of the pillars.

Slats come in grey, cream, white or beige. Battery charger is supplied.

For more information go to www.sunbather.com.au or call 1800 228 437.


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