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Next generation phosphate removal technology

February 12, 2014

Lo-Chlor Chemicals pioneered phosphate removal in the late 1990s and changed the way we treat algae in domestic and commercial swimming pools across the globe. Today more than 80% of the worlds water treatment companies have developed some form of phosphate removal system but to date none have been able to match the unique formulation or successes Lo-Chlor has been recognised for.


Commercialisation of Starver®, commenced with the signing by Lo-Chlor Chemicals of a license agreement in November 1994 and it is now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its popularity has seen it become universally recognised as the most revolutionary and effective specialty chemical to reach the pool and spa market to date.

Starver® is a patented phosphate remover which efficiently and effectively removes phosphates without clouding pool water. By removing phosphates, Starver® effectively creates an environment in swimming pools where algae find it incredibly hard to grow. Starver® also enhances the performance of all other pool chemicals, salt water chlorinators and other sanitisation systems.

Over the last 2 years the R&D Team at Lo-Chlor’s have been developing the next generation phosphate remover and the results have been staggering. With increases in drought conditions and the higher concentration of impurities in water supplies Lo-Chlor’s proactive nature and strive for innovation led to the birth of the most exciting chemical since the inception of Starver®.

Starver®X is a proprietary blend of rare earth compounds, natural polymers and enzymes which will neutralise and remove extreme levels of phosphates within 24 hours. This product is a curative one (not a preventative maintenance product like Starver®) and has been developed to tackle the issue of very high phosphate levels head on.

Starver®X swiftly reduces high levels easily, efficiently and economically. After its initial treatment pool owners and maintenance technicians would revert to the original Starver® for their ongoing Phosphate Pool
Maintenance Program.

For more information contact Lo-Chlor Chemicals on 1-800 64 7665 or email info@lochlor.com.au


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