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November sees jump in swimming pool numbers

December 3, 2013

NovemberPoolDAsAfter a subdued October for the big states of New South Wales and Victoria, both have rebounded with a leap in monthly swimming pool numbers based on development applications in November. New South Wales had 398 pool DAs and Victoria 286.

The figures represent an improvement of 57 per cent for NSW compared with November 2012, and 36 per cent for Victoria. Overall, the 1133 DAs across the country are an improvement of 16 per cent nationally over last November.

Comparing the past three months shows an improvement of +4 per cent across the country, while the 12-month comparison is also in positive territory with a +2 per cent improvement over the previous 12 months.

Please note that actual total DAs for Queensland may be higher than numbers shown here, because councils are more reticent to hand over information in that State – but the trend information should still be consistent.


These figures give a valuable indication of the way the market is trending. However, they are not comprehensive. For example, they do not include pool projects that are approved as part of a new home, smaller projects under the cost threshold, or renovations that don’t require a DA. Also, not all councils are forthcoming with data; councils in some states such as Queensland are particularly reluctant. For further information and more complete reports, call Cordell Information on 1800 80 60 60.


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