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NSW industry members rally against “anti-infinity law”

March 26, 2014

A group working under the banner “Out-of-Ground Pool Wall Issue” is organising a meeting at 3pm on Tuesday April 1 at the AMA Conference Room, Ground Level, 69 Christie Street, St Leonards NSW.

Landscape architect and pool designer Peter Glass is calling for interested parties, stakeholders and affected members of the industry to participate in this meeting.

“Success and effectiveness of this next stage of the fight against the NSW variation is totally dependent upon everyone’s participation and contribution,” he says.

For more information on this matter, email The Facilitator, Out-of-Ground Pool Wall Alliance (OOGPWA) on for the most recent letter to Don Page, Minister, Division of Local Government on this issue.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Legal Opinion
  • Media Saturation
  • Lobby Strategies
  • Fighting Fund
  • Retrospective Application of 2013 BCA NSW Variation

Glass says that a review is currently underway to provide legal opinion of the Department of Local Government’s interpretation of the NSW Pool Act with regard to the NSW Variation under Part 3.9.3 of the 2013 BCA.

A Facebook page has also been established called: Out of Ground Pool Wall Issue.

Meanwhile, the Office of Local Government has issued a practice note on the subject.



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