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New Zealand Government wants input on pool fencing changes

May 7, 2013
Image from Harkk Glass Balustrade and Screen Systems
Image from Harkk Glass Balustrade and Screen Systems

The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has released a consultation paper titled Making Pool Safety Easier.

The Ministry is looking to change the pool fencing rules (in the Fencing of Swimming Pool Act 1987) and wants to hear opinions from the industry and the public.

The proposed changes aim to keep young children safe around home pools, while making the rules less costly for pool owners and local councils to comply with.

Suggested changes include:
• Simpler rules for new pools – people getting a new pool would have simpler and more flexible rules for restricting young children’s access to the pool;
• Pool owners’ maintenance check – pool owners would do a maintenance check every three years and give it to their local council;
• Spa pools – spas with a childproof cover would not need a fence;
• Portable pools – retailers would need to tell buyers about their safety obligations when they buy a portable pool over the height of 400mm;
• Rules won’t apply to other water hazards – “swimming pool” would be limited to pools intended for swimming or similar activity. This changes the current definition which includes other water hazards such as garden ponds.

You can download the document here or go to for more information.

Feedback on the proposals can be submitted until May 10.


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